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Introducing StandBy

Integrated Solution from Gallus Golf & Club Prophet Systems

What Is Standby?

Matching open tee times to the golfers that are
waiting to scoop them up!

The Course

Every course inevitably have customers who cancel tee times or reduce the # of players. Your goal is to fill those ASAP with as little effort as possible.

The Golfer

Getting the tee time you want can be tough. If your favorite course can notify you the instant your desired tee time opens up, you are forever grateful.

Win - Win

Everyone wins here. The golfer spends less time searching other courses, the course maximizes utilization and increases loyalty with customers in their market.


How It Works

  • When golfers can't find their desired tee time at your course, they can easily access StandBy in your course's app.
  • Golfers simply choose the tee time window they want to be notified about if there is a cancellation
  • When a tee time in that window is canceled, they instantly receive a Push Notification alerting them that tee time is now available
  • With one tap on the notification and they are taken directly to your booking engine to book the tee time

Saving You Time

Your staff is answering fewer phone calls with people asking if times are available

No more managing a manual waitlist of players you have to call

StandBy streamlines the process with less effort and happier customers

Making You $$$

StandBy with

Your Course Branded App

Golfers receive automated Push Notifications when their desired tee time is available. UNLIMITED PUSH NOTIFICATIONS plus additional features & benefits of an app.


$900 for 1 Year

StandBy is offered for courses using a custom branded app from Gallus Golf.

April 1, 2022

StandBy Launch Date

Development is nearing completion. Fill out the form below to learn more about adding StandBy for your 2022 season

If you want to add an app for your course with StandBy, provide alternate payment method, or other questions, send an email: sales@clubprophet.com

Pricing is in USD and per golf course.

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