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    Credit Card Integration


For years, Club Prophet Systems has interfaced with a variety of credit card solutions. However with the introduction of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI-DSS) along with the Payment Application Data Security Standards (PA-DSS) circa 2010, the risk for credit card fraud has shifted from the card associations to the Merchant. Along with these rules comes a very thorough, time-consuming, and expensive process to ‘Validate’ our software for PA-DSS. We now have to audit every combination of hardware, operating system, software version and merchant bank solution. In addition under the prior model there were always multiple vendors involved in a credit card transaction support issue since CPS had no access to live transactions and limited access to any card data.

Credit Cards and Gift Cards

Club Prophet Systems is PA-DSS Validated with the PCI Organization. Integrated Credit Card transactions are faster than cash and less prone to error and theft than using a stand-alone terminal. CPS has an in-house credit card Merchant Services division with card industry experts to help you evaluate the best options for card transaction services. CPS Merchant Services can provide everything you need to accept credit cards at your facility and will do a free analysis of your current merchant services to see if it makes sense to switch processors. CPS Gift Cards are in internal solution so there are no per transaction fees for gift card transactions. They can be used at single as well as multiple sites. CPS can supply the physical card as well with your brand on the card.