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The CPS suite of products is installed at more than 1,700 sites worldwide.

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Vision Statement

We believe that technology can improve your quality of life. It can automate tasks that ultimately free up your time for the pursuit of your passions.

We believe in the tradition, the integrity, and the game of golf.

We believe everyone should be treated fairly and honestly.

We believe 'we do it that way because we have always done it that way’… is not always the best way.

We believe we can turn data into information so that you can make better decisions.

We believe we can always make it better.

We believe we should not be competing with our customer by selling goods and services that compete with you, the golf course operator. We will not barter or charge a booking fee or commission!

We would like to thank you for taking the time to review our information and our beliefs.

A Proud History…A Promising Future

Tired of keeping track of inventory with pencil, paper, and a cigar box, Tom Robshaw, an assistant golf professional at the Willowbrook Country Club in the early 1990s, bought a 386 MHz computer in an effort to automate the business in the pro shop. With his brother, Rick Robshaw, he soon realized that training the non-technical golf staff to use off-the-shelf accounting software was complex and self-defeating.

Tom and Rick began to design their own software and in 1992 introduced what eventually became Club Prophet Systems, the first Windows-based point-of-sale system specifically designed for pro shop operations and the world’s leading point-of-sale system for the golf industry.

In 1993, they founded Club Prophet Systems Computer Software Company, headquartered in Oakmont, Pa. The industry responded well: Club Prophet Systems now operates in over 1,700 golf facilities of all types and sizes in 16 countries and 9 languages.

The company's solutions have expanded to include food and beverage software, integration to external accounting programs, internet tee time options, integrated web store, lesson book, event management software, data collection kiosk, USGA handicap system, and much more.

Club Prophet Systems is a registered Microsoft MSDN-ISV Partner. The principals of the company include Rick Robshaw, CEO, Tom Robshaw, President, and Jim Weatherell, CFO.

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