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    Municipal and Government Golf Facilities

Municipal golf provides the beginner entry to the game as well as affordable access to all. They also typically run under tight scrutiny and restricted budgets. They answer to a slew of boards, regulators, politicians, and public scrutiny as they typically are spending tax dollars.

The solutions needed for such facilities demand high quality and low risk. A tough combination in any market. With the simple no-term contract and a pay as you go monthly service, CPS assumes the bulk of the Risk for a new implementation and our proven record at a long list of municipal facilities at every level assures quality.

Muni’s can range from a single site – simple install to a multiple site that is more complex than any resort going. In fact CPS has been awarded the contract to run one of the most sophisticated and technically challenging network of golf facilities in the world. The US-Air Force uses CPS to run it’s 70 golf facilities around the world in an ultra-secure, central server, cloud based system.

Regardless of size, CPS understands the unique challenges of Municipal and Government run operations. We can assist with RFI’s, RFQ’s, RFP’s, budgets, planning and presentations. More importantly we can help you with ROI. The tools provided in the CPS solution give the tools to identify, track, and market to your customers. We can forecast play and give you tools to target market your players to drive more play to your course when needed. We provide reports to monitor and analyze vendor performance and show you which ones you should keep and which ones to trim. On online tee time reservations can display multiple rates for you Residents, Seniors, and Retail (or any designation you may have). All without having a 3rd party aggregator with their hands in your pocket.

We offer full service implementation, effective training and expert after-sale customer support to ensure your ongoing satisfaction.

10 of the Many Benefits of CPS for Muni & Govt Golf Facilities:

  • Point-of-Sale Ease-of-Use is top priority behind the counter, process fees and merchandise quickly and accurately using Club Prophet Systems software and a Touch Screen Monitor and “trigger-less” bar code scanner! Resorts can use Club Prophet Systems to bill room charges or to integrate with your hospitality or Property Management system.
  • High Speed Credit Card Authorization – Process credit cards in 3 seconds directly through Club Prophet’s POS system. This system is truly faster than cash and eliminates all possibilities for user error.
  • Electronic Tee Sheets – Club Prophet Systems offers several tee sheet software options to meet the needs of your facility. We have developed multiple tee sheet products ourselves to offer different options to different types of clubs
  • Internet Tee Times – Allow players to book tee times without interrupting your staff by booking times on the Internet.
  • Rain Checks – Bar coded and fully tracked throughout the system and can even pro rate by number of holes played. No more hand written cards and mismanaged round tracking, or overpaying your taxes! – simply scan and go.
  • Guest Loyalty Program – Allow customers to accumulate loyalty points as they make purchases or use your facilities. Club Prophet Systems allows you the flexibility of designing your own loyalty program that suits the needs of your facility.
  • Inventory – Regain control of your merchandise inventory using Club Prophet Systems software – bar coding with high-speed label printing, real-time inventory tracking, purchase order system, optional hand held data collector for performing physical inventory, extensive reporting capabilities and much more.
  • Accounting/Billing – Our General Ledger and Accounting System interface combines your golf shop and restaurant revenue centers into one centralized accounting and billing system.
  • Food & Beverage – Provides Point-of-Sale, Back Office and Enterprise Software Solution for table service or quick service restaurants.
  • Event Manager – Saves hours of legwork and planning while providing everything you need to organize events of any size. This module includes contract agreements, event signs for skill prizes, staff responsibilities, calendars, call logs and much more all fully integrated with the Club Prophet Systems point-of-sale and billing system.